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To make the most of your family stay at Domaine de Rensiwez, you can of course plan sports or cultural activities. The region also offers activities that are appreciated by both children and adults. Here are our best recommendations:

Aqua Mundo du Center Parcs Les Ardennes

Take a dip in this covered subtropical water paradise! Slides, wave pool, wading pool, hot tubs… There’s something for everyone!

Rue de la Grotte 12, B-6690 Vielsalm – Tél : 080/21.57.76 –

Houtopia – Univers des Sens

Following the complete transformation of the indoor space, Houtopia is a new space dedicated to the 5 senses. 80 sensory experiences to try and live, without forgetting the outdoor playground with its adventure course and its giant slide.

Place de l’Eglise 17 B-6660 Houffalize – Tél : 061/28.92.05 –


Interactive museum of wool and old trades in a 5ha animal park and playground

Bizory 5, B-6600 Bastogne – Tél : 061/21.75.08 – 

Houffa Croquet City

New concept of family game allowing to discover Houffalize through 10 play areas arranged in the city.

Royal Syndicat d’initiative de Houffalize – Place de Janvier 45,2 B-6660 Houffalize – Tél : 061/28.81.16 –


Minigolf Houffalize 

Cour de l’Abbaye 15 B-6660 Houffalize – Tél : 061/28.81.16 –

Mini-golf Nadrin

Place des sports B-6660 Nadrin – Tél : 084/44.46.20 ou 084/44.43.14 –

Paintball des Cheras

Les Cheras 6 B-6661 Mont (Houffalize) – Tél : 0497/44.14.26 –

La Roche-en-Ardenne Game Park

This park of 10ha, located in the middle of nature on the heights of La Roche,n offers you to observe the inhabitants of our forests in semi-liberty. On a 1,2km walking path, you will meet fallow deers, stags, mouflons, wild boars and marcassins, wolves, lynx, foxes, raccoons, great horned owls, ibexes… as well as donkeys, sheep, goats…

Access : 2km from the city center by car or on foot by the promenade n°4

Chemin du Parc à Gibier 1 B-6980 La-Roche-en-Ardenne – Tél : 084/31.10.15 ou 0497/38.10.15

La Ferme Equestre des Monts

Sommerain, 79 B-6660 Houffalize – Tél : 061/46.08.78 ou 0496/08.80.96 ou 0476/45.70.54

Visit to a chocolate factory

Cyril Chocolat 

Samrée 63 B-6982 La Roche-en-Ardenne – Tél : 084/46.71.20 ou 0495/25.20.91 –

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